Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Music's Biggest Night- Grammy Awards 2011

I'm not going to go through every artist's performance, nominations or awards in this blog posting. I'm also not going to try to explain the difference between "Album of the Year" and "Record of the Year." However, I am going to tell you my views on the one performance I feel was over promised and under delivered, and my two favorite performances of the night. I'm trying to keep this short and sweet but would love to hear your comments about Music's Biggest Night. Feel free to comment on who you think were best and worst dressed. Don't even get me started on the outfits...

Lady Gaga showed up in an egg that apparently she had been incubating in for 72 hours. I was expecting great things from her. While I enjoyed her performance, I wasn't blown away. I like her newest single "Born This Way" despite the critiques saying that it sounds like Madonna's song. I can definitely understand the comparison to Madonna so I thought it was funny that in her acceptance speech she mentioned envisioning Whitney Houston when she was recording it. Whitney, no. Madonna, definitely. I'm not saying I don't think she deserved that award, I absolutely do. I'm saying that she didn't "wow" me as I was anticipating. I love Lady Gaga and her crazy, wacky performance art. I think the reason why I was disappointed in this Grammy performance was because she wasn't as "out there" as I had imagined. She was rather tame and I wasn't ready for it. Can't wait to see what she does next year.

"Last year she had an outfit of meat, this year she showed up in an egg....she is 'this' close away from being a Denny's grand slam breakfast!"- Courtesy of Click 98.9

As far as my favorite performances, Bruno Mars takes the cake. I thought Bruno Mars did a fabulous job. I loved the black and white theme and the way that he completely changed the song "Grenade." The sound was so fresh and his performance was just fun. Not to mention the other performers in the sequence, Janelle Monae and B.O.B., were also outstanding. I thought the performance was original, fresh and fun. I loved watching Bruno play keys, then sing and then play drums. He's a triple threat!

Runner up has got to be "Forget You" performed by Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow. Only Cee Lo Green could dress up as a colorful chicken and make it look good. It just fits him. Gwenyth, stunning as always, wore all black with extremely high pumps and pink feather earrings for a splash of color. Man, that woman can sing! The reason why this performance was one of my favorites has got to be the puppets! The back up singers and the rest of the band were all puppets. Cee Lo stepped out of the box with this performance. Even though the puppets have absolutely nothing to do with the song, the originality and the spunk kept me entertained through the whole performance.

What were your favorite Grammy moments? What were your least favorite Grammy moments?

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  1. I found your blog! I watched them Grammys with you! Love it!